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SourseAI wins Cloud-Based Solution of the Year

Brussels Belgium, 27 June – Sydney-based telco decision intelligence start-up SourseAI has been awarded Cloud-Based Solution of the Year at the MVNO World Congress awards.

SourseAI’s Atlas decision intelligence platform uses AI and data science to help telcos make smarter decisions to improve business performance. It won Cloud-Based Solution of the Year for its ability to deliver tangible boosts to revenue and cost savings for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

As a cloud-based solution designed specifically for the telco sector, Atlas brings together vast amounts of telco data from internal and external sources to deliver genuine insights about business performance and customer behaviour, within 60 days. These insights can be used to forecast business performance, optimise marketing investment, and truly understand customer metrics such as churn, average revenue per user and cost per acquisition.

Tanya Hyams-Young, CEO of SourseAI said: “MVNOs compete with the established operators by being more agile and offering consumers greater choice, flexibility or products that traditional telcos can’t. They want to make decisions quickly and based on data, but often can’t. Our data-science approach to AI brings all the data MVNOs need on their customers and business performance, so they can make intelligent decisions on who to target, how much to invest and what products to offer. We’re absolutely over the moon to be recognised above some other truly innovative companies from across the world, to deliver such value for MVNOs.”

Dario Talmesio, Research Director – Service Provider Strategies and Regulation, 5G Accelerator at Omdia comments: “The judges recognise SourseAI’s cloud-based approach and ability to bring together masses of data to help MVNOs make more informed decisions. The tangible business impact SourseAI has delivered for its customers evidences the merit of this award”.


About SourseAI

SourseAI accelerates the performance of businesses by unlocking the power of data. Its cutting-edge decision intelligence platform, Atlas, leverages AI to enable executives to make better decisions and optimise their business outcomes using data. Since launching in 2019, SourseAI has rapidly grown to become one of the most exciting AI start-ups in the market, with customers and clients across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the UK. For more information visit

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