Because the most confident decision-making is data-driven

At SourseAI, we believe that creating a sustainable competitive advantage doesn’t come from gut feel. We believe it comes from confident, data-driven decision-making.

Atlas by SourseAI

Atlas is a decision intelligence platform designed to optimise the decisions made within subscription businesses. Atlas optimises every aspect of the customer life cycle from marketing spend to customer retention to maximise business KPIs.

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Data and Information Consulting Services (DISC)

DISC provides the data foundations necessary for data driven decisions. Making good decisions in your business from data relies on functional tools, dependable processes, and practical guidance. SourseAI leverages domain, industry and operational knowledge along with specifically designed data science platforms – Compass and Atlas.

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Empowering customers to outperform with data-driven decisions.

Data is the modern competitive advantage

Strategic agility

Accelerated outcomes delivered with always on machine learning.

Accurate decisions

Increase reliability and scalability of decision-making – with greater accuracy.

Compound business benefits

Always on decision making optimise KPIs simultaneously and better manage CAPEX & OPEX.

Decisions made with data – not gut

60% of major decisions are based on gut, not data.
Forward-thinking IT and business leaders want to change that.


Some data, some experience and lots of gut


100% of available used: every decision optimised

Our leadership team

We are a passionate team of industry leaders, with extensive experience in commercial strategy, technology, telco, data and marketing. We are committed to helping all customers and clients unlock the power of data to outperform the competition.

Tanya Hyams-Young

Chief Executive Officer
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20+ years’ experience in global telco and technology brands. Leadership roles in business transformation and digital product and service delivery. Evangelist for decision augmentation and inspired to deliver client outcomes through AI and data.

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Matt Jones

Chief Revenue Officer
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20+ years’ experience in Australia’s leading telco brands. Global leadership roles in SaaS and technology businesses. Founder of Australian MVNO, OVO, SourseAI, and passionate disruptor across technology and business domains.

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James Hartwright

Chief Data and Information Officer
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25 years’ experience enabling media, energy and telco businesses through technology and transformation. Specialist in the growing domain of customer data platforms, customer value management, and marketing technologies.

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Gary Bhomer

Chief Commercial Officer
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Global telco expert with over 30 years’ experience. Senior executive roles held at Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, and founder of specialist consultancy, Tel-Consult. Internationally renowned MVNO/MVNE leader with strong strategic and commercial acumen in business transformation, negotiation, sales, and market analysis.

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James Gray

UK & Europe Managing Director
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Expert commercial, marketing, and strategic advisor with extensive experience leading the deployment and growth of subscription-based service models in mobile telecoms and retail, across both B2C and B2B sectors.

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Dr Henrik Petander

Chief data scientist
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Extensive experience in machine learning engineering for the subscription, media, and telco sectors. Led the development of sophisticated data and machine learning solutions for recommendations, LTV, and churn. Specialist in deep learning model development, deployment and monitoring, data visualisation, aggregation and analysis

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