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Elevate and outperform
with Atlas

Atlas is the decision intelligence platform that optimises the working capital within your business. Through the power of AI, it gives you the data you need to optimise every aspect of the customer lifecycle and maximise business KPIs.


Helping our customers to make data-driven decisions with confidence and gain a competitive advantage.


Industries we work with


Optimise the telco customer lifecycle from acquisition through to churn using decision intelligence tools that deliver actionable insights, experimentation, and automation with prebuilt AI models.

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Personalisation centred around audience and content predictions, and leading-edge AI recommendations to support ad-funded and subscription entertainment business models.

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Market insights and property market data combined to provide a data backdrop for energy brands wanting to improve their planning choices and improve the decisions made throughout their customer lifecycle.

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Discover the power of decision intelligence

Atlas helps to accelerate AI adoption using prebuilt models engineered for your industry use cases. AI is used for decision support with strategic planning, and for ‘always on’ optimisation of KPIs.





Powered by data, enriched with context

Atlas organises and centralises your customer data and makes it readily accessible to decision makers, all of the time. Customer data is organised using our proprietary data model and then enriched with competitive data to provide crucial market context and third party data to provide additional geographic, demographic, behaviour or other socio economic attributes. Data can be provided via the Atlas Open API, using cloud storage transfer or integration with an established data lake.

This data and Atlas’ decision support tools give the end-to-end decision support that help decision makers to unlock the ‘power in the petabyte’.

•  Predict and monitor business performance
•  Simulate the impact of decisions
•  Continuously learn from past performance
•  Quantify the consequential or compound impacts
•  Monitor decisions over time

One platform, many capabilities

Built by our Aussie team of tech and data science experts, Atlas delivers powerful capabilities to optimise all aspects of the customer lifecycle and maximise business KPIs.

  • Horizon

    Predictive insights across all KPIs with Atlas’ Horizon capabilities. Insights are explained at a population level to provide strategic insights across acquisition, loyalty and churn. Each model is explained in the context of revenue and opportunity, causes or reasons, and subscriber clusters that can be targeted.

  • Acqusition

    Expected lifetime value and financial data modelled alongside marketing, CRM, and behavioural data to analyse and predict the impact of joiners. Leading edge machine learning applied to marketing mix optimisation to predict marketing spend impact.

  • Yield

    Causal factors and historical, CRM and behavioural data used to explain yield opportunities and recommend treatments to optimise cross-sell, upsell, and loyalty offers for subscribers.

  • Retention

    Predicts lifetime value of every subscriber and the future value across the entire base. Highlight best loyalty offers to improve retention.

  • Churn

    Predicts probabilities of churn, reasons for churn, and expected timeframe. Atlas dynamically clusters audiences to prioritise highest value cohorts.

Real time market and competitive data

Multi-year history of product, pricing, plan changes across telco and entertainment products in the Australasian region. Competitiveness ranked and engineered into acquisition, retention, and churn models.

Forecasting and anomaly detection

AI is applied to learn complex, over-time trends, and seasonal changes to predict future business performance across all KPIs and all product and / or audience types. The application of AI allows real-time forecasting and up-to-the-minute prediction on whether KPIs will be achieved.

Testing Lab

Small-scale testing to validate AI insights and treatments to improve the probability of success. Experiments can be easily run through a customer’s digital channels to elicit a statistically reliable prediction of success before committing to budgets and resources to deploy large-scale treatments or optimisations.

Flight Path

Atlas’ Flight Path capability allows for the automated management of a KPI so that many strategies can be simultaneously ‘on’. The application of AI allows self-learning so continuous improvement is automated. Uplift modelling is applied for maximum impact.

Data is the modern competitive advantage

Prediction within 60 days

Accelerate AI. 60 days to prediction and value.

+95% accurate decisions

Increase reliability and scalability of decision-making – with greater accuracy.


Compound business benefits

Always on management to optimise KPIs simultaneously and better manage CAPEX & OPEX.


Prebuilt connectors with major cloud ecosystem vendors to automate experiments and optimisations.

  • 47% reduction in churn over 18 months

    “I didn’t believe it was possible to have this much impact on churn”

    – Leading Australian Australian MVNO

  • +50% increase in tenure

    “With an average tenure of 23 months, our prepaid base looked more like a post-paid base.”

    – Australian MVNO

  • +1 products per customer held by 49% of customers

    “Massive impact to the bottom line.”

    – Australian MVNO

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