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SourseAI wins Cloud-Based Solution of the Year


19 June 2024, Sydney Australia / Zürich, Switzerland: Specialist AI decision intelligence platform, SourseAI, today partnered with leading digital platform for telcos, Moflix, to help create the next generation of digital-first operators.

The partnership brings together two highly innovative platforms to create an end-to-end solution for telcos to successfully run their digital business and disrupt the mass-market status quo with highly personalised contextual offerings.

The Moflix TelcoTech platform couples a market-leading digital connectivity proposition, in which every aspect of the customer lifecycle is self-managed through an app, with tools that create engagement and drive loyalty. This includes an integrated Web3 wallet, which holds rewards and digital identity credentials, through which operators can offer a range of financial services.

SourseAI’s decision intelligence platform, Atlas, provides enhanced data science and AI, so telcos can deeply understand customers, develop new strategies and accurately model decision-making. Combining these platforms creates a one-stop-shop for digitisation and innovation and offers incremental opportunities to monetise valuable customer relationships in a highly targeted and personalised way.

Robin Major, Chief Revenue Officer, Moflix says: “Most traditional telcos still engage their customers through bricks and mortar stores and outdated platforms that don’t enable a positive mobile or app experience. The sector is ripe for disruption, to provide customers with more choice and a simpler, app-driven personalised experience like FinTech has successfully done to banking.

“Disruptive operators and MVNOs bring a digital-first mindset which allows them to create new experiences and bundle new and innovative services to customers. And they do it all from an app, offering a high degree of flexibility, convenience and choice.

“Pairing our TelcoTech Platform with SourseAI’s decision intelligence platform makes it easier than ever for telcos to create a powerful digital experience and use data science to truly understand the way people consume their services. That way they can make data-driven decisions regarding customers, products and strategy.”

Tanya Hyams-Young, CEO of SourseAI says: “Many telcos still rely on gut-feel or last year’s results to inform decision making. They want to use data science and AI, but often have so many legacy systems and data points that the process seems daunting.

“Digital-first or app-based telcos have an advantage because they are agile and aren’t hamstrung by legacy systems. However, the stakes are higher for them to use data to become customer-centric because they want to drive innovation and create unique bundles or propositions to stand out from the crowd. To achieve success, they need to truly understand their customers’ behaviour and make sure they are creating offerings they will value. Data science and AI is the key for making this happen and providing confidence in strategic decisions. Atlas works hand-in-hand with the Moflix TelcoTech Platform to give telcos all the tools they need to create a digital, customer-centric, data driven business, and one that can truly disrupt the industry.”




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About Moflix

The award-winning Moflix TelcoTech Platform combines a modern all-digital Telco experience with a flexible webscale Tech platform to offer the telco industry the same disruptive opportunities that FinTech brings to financial services. TelcoTech provides new and exciting ways for telcos to drive engagement, build communities and generate revenues in both the Web2 and Web3 worlds. For more information visit

About SourseAI

SourseAI accelerates the performance of businesses by unlocking the power of data. Its cutting-edge decision intelligence platform, Atlas, leverages AI to enable executives to make better decisions and optimise their business outcomes using data. Since launching in 2019, SourseAI has rapidly grown to become one of the most exciting AI start-ups in the market, with customers and clients across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the UK. For more information visit

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