January 2024, Johannesburg   Melon Mobile, South Africa’s first fully customisable mobile network, is proud to announce a new partnership with decision intelligence platform,  SourseAI. This collaboration is set to enrich and enhance Melon Mobile’s ability to create extraordinary mobile solutions for individuals and businesses alike.

Along with their in-app features, eSIM capabilities and personalised monthly plans, this is another innovative step for Melon Mobile, helping to redefine the South African telecommunications scene and the overall brand experience.

The partnership will help Melon with:

• Enhanced Understanding of Customers: Leveraging AI to deepen Melon Mobile understanding of customer behaviour and trends.

• Optimisation of Revenue and Costs:  Creating cost-effective, value-driven mobile solutions.

• Decisions Driven by Data: Melon Mobile will incorporate data science to create a more personalised mobile experience for every client.

• Improved business performance: Considerably boosting customer acquisition and retention, along with a positive increase in customer lifetime value.

This strategic partnership allows Melon Mobile to use SourseAI’s powerful AI capabilities to scrutinise extensive data sets, to make data-led decisions that foster a complete understanding of the business. These insights are crucial in crafting future forward mobile solutions for the South African market.

SourseAI underpins the AI driven decisioning for 15 Telecoms brands across the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and now Africa, with an aggregate of 20 million mobile services analysed in real-time.

Calvin Collet, CEO of Melon Mobile: “Melon Mobile is continuously looking for new ways to disrupt the status quo. Whether it’s through our App, our solutions and pricing, or by elevating customers’ individualised offerings. Atlas, from SourseAI, gives us the tools to deeply understand our business and our customers to proactively develop solutions that work for them, cementing our customer-first approach.”

Tanya Hyams-Young, CEO of SourseAI, adds: “The telco sector is fiercely competitive in every market. Traditional telcos face a real challenge to genuinely connect with their customers and understand their true value. They sit on mountains of data, but they often struggle to make the most of it. Only AI and data science can help someone analyse and interpret all this data in real-time to provide tangible business insights with any degree of certainty. Many telcos can spend years building an AI and data-science team before seeing tangible insights and results. The beauty of Atlas by SourseAI, is it can deliver results in a matter of weeks and doesn’t require a dedicated in-house team.”

“Melon Mobile has changed the game for consumers and business, with its unwavering commitment to mobile freedom, control and flexibility. We’re excited to be working with a tech-driven disrupter and to empower them with real-time AI driven insights so they can continue to challenge the telco landscape in South Africa.”


Media Queries: Leanne Bekker – leanne@melonmobile.co.za

About SourseAI

SourseAI accelerates the performance of businesses by unlocking the power of data. Its cutting-edge decision intelligence platform, Atlas, leverages AI to enable executives to make better decisions and optimise their business outcomes using data. Since launching in 2019, SourseAI has rapidly grown to become one of the most exciting AI start-ups in the global market, with customers across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, UK, Europe and Africa.

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