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SourseAI wins Cloud-Based Solution of the Year


27 March 2024, Sydney: Innovative Australian telco, MATE, today revealed how it uses SourseAI’s decision intelligence platform to build trust and customer loyalty to achieve sustainable growth.

MATE was founded in 2016 with a fresh approach for the Australian telco sector, focusing on simplicity, value and customer service. It has grown year-on-year since then to become Australia’s largest independently owned telco.

While customer centricity is a core concept for MATE, AI makes it possible. It uses SourseAI’s decision intelligence platform to help understand its customers, build trust, drive loyalty and growth.

SourseAI brings together a vast amount of data from MATE’s internal sources such as CRM, call centres, website and Google Analytics, as well as external data such as market data, seasonal trends and media spend. With its AI trained on robust models built specifically for the telco sector, MATE can translate this information into insights that improve customer relationships.

This gives MATE a crystal-clear picture of its customers and their sentiment, matched to where they are in the sales cycle. It means that MATE’s team can create offers, bundles or incentives at a personal level for every customer. For example, SourseAI helps MATE identify power users of music streaming services, so the Telco could offer them free subscriptions to services such as TIDAL when it comes time for contract renewal.

A granular approach to understanding customers has been crucial to MATE’s ongoing sustainable growth and to become a more valuable business overall. It’s helped the company increase bundling of its services and reduce customer churn year on year.

Mark Fazio, Co-CEO at MATE comments: “We use SourseAI every day, to make sure everything we do is based on what our customers are telling us. It’s how we stay ahead of the competition and future proof our business.  It’s core to our customer centric approach which has been the driver for our sustained growth.

“With SourseAI we truly understand our customers and what motivates them. From there we can set successful strategies for customers for their loyalty so they want to stay with us for the long haul. It’s our way of showing that we understand why you’re with us, and we want to say thank you for your custom.”

Tanya Hyams-Young, CEO and co-founder of SourseAI comments: “Australian businesses are losing $74 billion each year due to poor customer service. AI can be the tool that transforms a company into one that’s truly customer centric and making data-driven decisions to boost loyalty and ultimately growth.

“Telcos are sitting on so much valuable data that could guide decision making, but many can’t sift through it all to connect the dots and reveal actionable insights. So they often rely on a superficial understanding of their customers and build strategies based on gut feel, or last year’s results.

“The level of insights and speed in which MATE can act on those insights just wouldn’t be possible without AI. And previously these kind of tools have only really been available to major brands who invest large amounts of time and money to build it in house. Our off the shelf solution gives MATE a strategic advantage over the competition. They can do a deep dive on their customers and set business and customer strategies based on data and science. And they can have certainty in how these strategies will perform, based on accurate models and forecasts that only AI can provide.”


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