Fast growth decision intelligence scale up SourseAI, has been selected to join the Tomorrow Street SCALEUP X program. Tomorrow Street, a joint venture between Vodafone Procurement Company (VPC) and Technoport, Luxembourg’s national tech incubator, identifies and supports the growth of VPC’s next generation of strategic suppliers. SourseAI was invited to join the program because of the way it applies AI to interrogate data to find patterns and generate insights that can be used to drive more value for the operating companies around the world.

Using SourseAI’s Atlas platform, business execs and IT leaders in telcos can make data-backed decisions with confidence, and without the need to invest in large data science teams. Using pre-defined models, operators can launch initiatives within days that improve loyalty, reduce churn, increase revenue and profitability, as well as help marketing teams develop personalised services and innovative new products.

Tanya Hyams-Young, SourseAI’s CEO, says joining the program will help it accelerate growth: “Tomorrow Street recognises the value in using data and analytics, and applying data science to grow telco businesses, so we are delighted to have been selected to join the program. It validates the team’s dedication to making AI decision intelligence tools that drive agile business models and transform the bottom line.

“Joining Tomorrow Street’s SCALEUP X program means we are on the path to joining the VPC supplier system, which will make it very easy for telco brands to take advantage of AI decision intelligence and deliver strategic success. Operators can work with us knowing the due diligence and proof of concepts have been done.

“We have closed our first deal in the UK thanks to Tomorrow Street’s support and have received significant interest in APAC and EMEA, Netherlands and Germany. We expect this enthusiasm, and the backing of Tomorrow Street will galvanise more telco brands to explore the potential of AI.”

Hammad Khan, Chief of Operations at Tomorrow Street, says that SourseAI is a great fit for its telco markets. “Tanya and her team have a refreshing collaborative style and are a great fit for the Tomorrow Street model of working with entrepreneurial brands that deliver business benefits.

“We’re excited about SourseAI because it is developing cutting edge tools that will transform the data insight function in telcos around the world. Atlas is designed to support telcos on the KPIs they use to measure success from churn and retention through predicting business performance, so we see huge potential for SourseAI to optimise performance and drive tangible business benefits.”


Notes to editors: The Tomorrow Street SCALEUp X program is non-exclusive, so SourseAI can continue building partnerships with other telco brands around the world.

About SourseAI
SourseAI accelerates the performance of businesses by unlocking the power of data. Our cutting-edge decision intelligence platform is called Atlas and it leverages AI to enable executives to make better decisions and optimise their business outcomes using data. Since launching in 2019, SourseAI has rapidly grown to become one of the most exciting tech start-ups in market, with customers across UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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