16 September 2021: Network automation experts Devoli have chosen SourseAI, the leading AI platform for decision augmentation for telcos, to support customers and partners to adopt machine learning.

SourseAI’s market leading AI platform – Sourse – will enable Devoli customers to easily and effectively adopt machine learning, including powerful real-time data on the New Zealand retail telco market covering broadband and mobile market insights.

These unique insights enable companies to keep track of all plans, products and promotions and deepen understanding of their competitive levers and the value attributed to campaigns and bundles. This accurate and timely data can improve decision making in all areas of a business.

SourseAI CEO Matt Jones says SourseAI already has a strong presence in the competitive New Zealand telco market but that he is excited by the potential of this agreement with Devoli:

“This partnership is an outstanding opportunity to tailor our market offering and provide robust service to clients in-country,” he said.

Devoli CEO Karl Rosnell says Devoli’s automation platform is already market leading, and the collaboration with SourseAI will further support customers to ingest large volumes of data to drive better decision making.

“New Zealand has a dynamic and fast-moving marketplace where legacy telco is being challenged by brands that people trust, and Devoli’s Insights Engine is the ultimate enabler for these businesses,” he said.

SourseAI CEO, Matt Jones, said having Devoli on the ground in New Zealand provides a unique opportunity to pre-integrate the SourseAI augmented decisioning platform with the Devoli platform, enabling Devoli clients to apply proven telco machine learning models for prediction in weeks, not months or years.

In addition to machine learning, SourseAI will empower Devoli clients with other capabilities including:

  • Neural forecasting to provide a real-time view of KPI achievement, up to two years in the future
    Anomaly detection to identify variations in KPIs relative to forecast
    Automated dynamic cohort assignment to better identify and understand customer segments
    KPI prediction to analyse and predict influences across key KPIs including acquisition efficiency, yield, retention and churn.

SourseAI brings leading AI tools and techniques to enable businesses like Devoli clients to optimise strategic decision making and personalise every customer transaction simultaneously.



CEO Matt Jones, +61 410 077 557 mattj@sourse.co

CEO Karl Rosnell + 64 222 0000 karl@devoli.com

About SourseAI
SourseAI is an AI innovator that has combined applied AI, management consulting and SaaS into a decision augmentation platform – Sourse. Leading telcos, utilities and entertainment brands use Sourse to drive the adoption of data informed decision making. Sourse boosts KPI improvement using AI decision support tools for forecasting, causal insights and scenario planning, as well as machine learning models to address common industry problems, such as, customer retention, churn and yield. Sourse integrates with systems such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Zuora and Genesys to enable every customer interaction to be personalised using accurate predictions about customer behaviour, intent and possible treatments, using both client data and our competitive market insights built per industry.

About Devoli
Devoli helps IT companies create new revenue streams by allowing them to sell voice, data and internet services to their clients without having to increase their headcount or train staff. Our intuitive automation platform removes all the barriers to entry for even the most “non telco” of businesses from provisioning, to onboarding, support and billing.

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