24 August 2022, Sydney: In a move indicating continued confidence in high growth Aussie start up, SourseAI, the company has just been welcomed to the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP).

An initiative of the UK government’s Department for International Trade, the GEP helps ambitious, innovation-rich companies to scale and grow from a UK headquarters and will enable SourseAI to tap into a valuable network of support.

SourseAI Chief Executive Officer, Ms Tanya Hyams-Young, said acceptance to the GEP would allow the company to scale rapidly.

“Being part of the GEP means we’re able to access incredibly talented dealmakers with real world experience.

“This will help us successfully expand into the UK and will rapidly accelerate our growth.” 

Through the GEP SourseAI will have access to:

– mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs known as dealmakers
– introductions to key networks including investors
– guidance on how to grow internationally
– continued support once located in the UK

The GEP drives success by helping companies build capability in key business areas, scale-up and make connections in the wider UK tech eco-system.

Ms Hyams Young said SourseAI will establish new UK headquarters within 12 months.

“Some great Australian companies like Seatfrog have re-headquartered to the UK and given the expanded market size this has massively contributed to their growth.

“We will be announcing our advanced team for the UK shortly.”

About SourseAI

Sourse accelerates the performance of businesses by unlocking the power of data. Our cutting-edge decision intelligence platform leverages AI to enable executives to make better decisions and optimise their business outcomes using data. Since launching in 2019, SourseAI has rapidly grown to become one of the most exciting AI start-ups in market, with clients across Australia and New Zealand.

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