15 December 2023, Sydney: LINK Mobility, Europe’s leading provider of mobile messaging services, today announced a partnership with decision intelligence platform SourseAI, to give marketers the edge when using new communication channels.

The partnership will help marketers apply marketing mix modelling to mobile messaging and accurately measure the effectiveness of these channels to improve strategy. It combines SourseAI’s decision intelligence platform with LINK’s omnichannel communications suite, so marketers can plan, execute and analyse campaigns on channels such as SMS, WhatsApp and Instagram in one portal.

With read rates exceeding 85%, mobile messaging channels have great potential, but are often seen by marketers as high risk. Together, SourseAI and LINK will give marketers the data to build the business case to deploy two-way, conversational marketing channels on campaigns, and accurately measure their effectiveness.

Beyond traditional mobile messaging capabilities, the partnership also extends to LINK’s progressive no code chatbot platform, MyLINKConnect. This will allow organisations to automate conversations or build chatbot-like flows to engage with customers, and use data science to understand how their spend and marketing channel execution can be optimised for ROI and impact.

Tanya Hyams-Young, CEO and co-founder of SourseAI comments: “Marketers have so many channels and tools available to them it can be hard know to where to start and what’s going to shift the needle. We know that messaging channels are vital for cut-through and can boost loyalty, but setting strategies can be hard, especially when starting out.

“SourseAI’s collaboration with LINK helps marketers get clarity and certainty when adding two-way messaging to their strategies. It helps make sense of the data, provide insights and predict outcomes to deliver real business impact. This data-science approach can be applied across the entire marketing mix to quantify the contribution that traditional and new channels make towards brand, lead generation, sales and customer relationship management.”

Simon Dodd, UK Director at LINK: “Messaging channels are a vital, yet underutilised tool for marketers. Messaging delivers leads, improves engagement, brand perception and loyalty. But it is also seen as a black box by many marketers.

“Bringing a marketing mix modelling approach to messaging channels will be a huge benefit for brands. Together, we can use data science to help marketers determine the most lucrative offers, most effective communications, and which delivery channel to communicate through. And we can offer the ability to execute multi-channel campaigns in a single portal.”


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